Teledynamics' automated, monorail system is based around small, self-contained vehicles called Telecars. These versatile Telecars come in a variety of configurations to meet almost any need. They have been designed to efficiently and quietly carry anything from radiology results to products samples. Types of Telecars range from ones utilizing PIN-based locking mechanisms for secure point-to-point deliveries to a hermetically sealed car that can act as a mobile clean room.

This computerized system can consist of almost any number of independently controlled Telecars. To operate, a user simply goes to a Telecar station, inserts their material into an awaiting car and inputs the desired delivery destination using a small keypad. The independently operated Telecar then quickly and quietly delivers the material to the desired location without stopping, waiting for elevators or taking a lunch break!

Using a lightweight and compact track system that can be integrated into a preexisting location or new construction, installation of the system is almost as easy as using the system itself. Whether it is transporting up to material vertically in buildings or delivering materials between buildings via tunnels or skyways, the Telecar system is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods for the transport and delivery of physical information and materials.