Teledynamics has over 20 years of experience pioneering, developing, and implementing Electric Track Conveyor Systems for commercial headquarters, healthcare facilities, and industrial businesses. Recognizing industry trends and demands, and meeting them head on with innovative solutions to all material transportation needs; Teledynamics has become the market leader in the material and information handling systems industry. Here are a few examples of clients who were able to realize the full potential of a more effective and efficient means of material handling, thanks to Teledynamics.

When Minnesota Life was deciding to install a mail delivery system that would connect its new award-winning building with its existing structure in downtown St. Paul, it considered only the most innovative products. They chose Teledynamics multidimensional track network. view case study...

The Teledynamics system installed in the Sant Pau Hospital is used for the distribution of in-patient and outpatient files. Approximately 500 transactions are being completed daily.

Phase 1 of the system (completed in 2003) consists of two four story towers connected by over 300 meters of horizontal track.
• 380 meters of track
• 10 magazine stations
• 2 through stations
• 25 Model 2000 Telecars

Phase 2 (scheduled to be complete by early 2006) consists of four eight story towers with magazine stations serving each floor. The second phase will add 32 magazine stations for a total of 44 stations.
• 1100 meters of track
• 42 magazine stations
• 2 through stations
• 130 Model 2000 Telecars

In addition to the medical records system, a point-to-point system will be installed in order to transport lab specimens. This link will connect outpatient services to the lab.

Hospital de Sant Pau anticipates over 1500 daily transactions once all hospital activity has been transferred to the new building in the year 2006.