Mail and materials are dispatched "on-demand", unscheduled deliveries that cannot wait for normal deliveries are now accomplished as needed, effectively and efficiently.

The Telecar system has an extremely reliable "uptime" performance record because of advantages inherent in its concept. The system has only two moving parts, the car and transfer switch.

During the useful life of a building, operating costs may far exceed the initial construction cost. Consequently, a dollar saved in annual operating costs may have a greater impact than a dollar saved in the initial construction cost.

Facilities faced with security problems rely on Telecar to provide quick and secure delivery. Sensitive mail and materials can be dispatched with self-locking containers requiring pin numbers to access containers upon arrival.

While a messenger delivers and collects mail from each department, one department at a time, Telecar cars are in transit to five, ten or even one hundred departments simultaneously.

One certainty in any organization is change. Telecar has the flexibility needed to accommodate change. Telecar components are modular in design and fastened together so relocations, additions or removals can be accomplished economically with minimal system disruption.

In many facilities, core congestion and elevator traffic are significant problems. The Telecar system substantially reduces elevator traffic both by regular messengers and by other employees making deliveries between floors.

Remote network access and optional touch screen stations provide valuable management information on virtually every Telecar transaction, i.e., sender, receiver, sending and receiving time, transaction type, station analysis, daily and cumulative status... and much more.

Building owners improve building services while receiving rental income. Anchor tenants realize significant benefits and messenger savings year-after-year.

Telecar gives space back. Requiring as little as a 3-foot x 3-foot shaft, an additional service or passenger elevator may not be necessary.

With automated mail and material distribution, mail and service carts are dramatically reduced, preserving interior space from damage.

The system can be added to a new or renovated building for pennies per square foot amortized over 15 years. This offers a competitive advantage to the builder and prospective tenant.