Corporate headquarters, insurance companies, government operations, financial and banking operations, legal centers and other large offices can realize significant increases in productivity and decreases in operating costs by automating the non-stop movement of incoming, internal and outgoing material.

Every document, office supply and piece of mail essential to daily operations is delivered on demand as frequently as needed with reliability, security, flexibility, and central administrative control.

Typical Payloads:
• Mail, incoming and outgoing
• Priority mail/facsimiles
• Parcels
• Office supplies
• Internal correspondence
• Securities/checks
• Central files and records
• Computer printouts
• Reprographics/duplicating
• Books

Perhaps no other single improvement to a new, existing or expanding healthcare facility can upgrade services and decrease operating costs as rapidly and dramatically as our Telecar system. Fast, reliable, predictable and traceable, it improves response times, adheres to infection control procedures and provides security and administrative control.

The Telecar system also eliminates the high cost, time delays and mistakes of human messengers and relieves highly paid healthcare professionals of courier duties which allows them to spend more time with patients. The result is superior patient care, shorter patient stays and fewer "full time equivalents."

Typical Payloads
• Medical Records
• Blood and laboratory specimens
• Pharmaceuticals
• X-rays
• Surgical instrument trays
• Sterile goods
• Soiled goods
• Medical/surgical supplies
• All other small, large, routine and stat deliveries

Unlike general purpose conveyors for industrial applications, the Telecar system offers significant benefits for material handling applications requiring extreme flexibility, precise positioning, gentle material handling, computerized control and monitoring, on-demand operation and security and/or modularity.

For product assembly, maintenance, repair, shipping and receiving and other applications requiring these characteristics, the Telecar system increases productivity and decreases labor costs dramatically while yielding the highest and fastest return on investment.

Typical Payloads:
• Parts
• Assemblies
• Finished goods
• Parcels/shipments
• Kits and tools
• Work orders/documentation
• Litho-plates/proofs
• Electronic components