New Jersey based Teledynamics, L.L.C., designs, manufactures, installs and supplies aftermarket technical support of mail and material monorail systems. Established in 1982 by former employees of the Mosler Safe Company, the original North American manufacturer of monorail systems, the key management and technical staff have over thirty years of experience.

Teledynamics' has installed new monorail systems in a wide range of customer applications, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, legal centers, libraries, corporate offices, insurance companies, industrial material handling systems, etc.

Teledynamics developed a "computer enhancement program" allowing a customer to update and modernize a 25 plus year old system that would be considered obsolete because of operational inefficiencies.

The company's corporate offices, engineering resources and manufacturing facilities are located in a 30,000 sq. ft. facility in New Jersey, about one half hour from New York City and the New York airports.

The company is privately held with a record of extremely sound and conservative financial growth. Financial data and confirmation of the company's bonding capacity is available when needed.

With a full range of replacement parts, the company supports an extensive list of owners of mail and material monorail systems throughout the world. A staff of experienced technicians is available for responsive support on all aftermarket needs, including technical upgrades, troubleshooting (including telephone "Hot Line" support), technical and management audits, maintenance and user training and preventive and corrective maintenance contracts specifically structured to suit a specific system and owner's needs. The company conducts in-house as well as on-site training programs for technical instruction of customer maintenance personnel as well as periodic follow-up training.

With twenty plus years experience in this specialty field, a carefully assembled team of knowledgeable personnel and a single minded management focus on installed product quality, the company has developed a unique and unchallenged reputation with customers, architects, contractors and consultants throughout the world.